Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ephraim's Rescue Movie Review

I was so excited to get invited to an early screening of this new movie Ephraim's Rescue!   A new film produced by T.C Christensen who is the producer of 17 Miracles {which was also amazing}!   These two movies actually go hand in hand seeing that it is about the rescue of the Martin Handcart Company.  It is based around a man named Ephraim Hanks who was one of the main rescuers. It goes back and forth between Ephraim's life and conversion, and the saints from England coming across the plains, to one of the most heroic rescues in American history.  I was in awe as to how much these saints had to go through, but also how many amazing things happened because of faithful saints who made sacrifices and were blessed by God because of their great faith.  So many amazing things happened in the story of Ephraim Hanks it made me want to go and find out more about him and others who went across the plains!  I have a relatives who were with the Willie handcart company and now I want to go learn more about!

Ephraim's Rescue opens today in Utah and Mesa, Arizona, Twin Falls, and Las Vegas!

I read on this blog that... Ephraim Hanks was originally part of the script in 17 miracles. Two scenes were shot with his character, but it just didn't feel right to Christensen who said to, "Take them out. He's his own story, his own movie... I didn't want to relegate him to a couple scenes." 

And yes I couldn't agree more.  He for sure deserved his own movie!

We took all of our kids and they loved it.  I am pretty cautious about movies, but I felt like this was LDS pioneer history and would be okay for them to all see.  I was a little worried about my 5 year old being scared because of the images that are portrayed because of the brutal weather, bu he was just fine.    {They watch 17 Miracles at least once a month, and it really wasn't much different.}

So go see this movie.  You can check HERE to see if it is coming to a theater near you.

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LeAnn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am so excited to see this movie and your review just added more. We cried throughout the 17 Miracles movie; so we will bring Kleenex to this one.
Love your thoughts~


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