Friday, July 19, 2013

LeapFrogs New LeapReader - This Thing is Awesome

If you thought the Tag Reader was cool, you are going to LOVE LeapFrogs new and improved LeapReader!  This "magical" pen is so stinkin cool!  I was very excited to get to review the new LeapReader system and am very very impressed with it!

They don't look very different than the Tag, but let me tell you, this reader is amazing.  Now with the new LeapReader you can Read, Write and Listen with one little pen and some really cool magical paper.  The LeapReader helps them learn their letter strokes and guides them along the way to sound out words.  From the second the LeapReader came out of the box my kids kept it going and going for hours.  Listening, Reading and dancing to music!  My little guy, Jack Jack loves tracing letters and hearing the sound each one makes, my daughter loves listening to the stories being read to her, my 7 year old son loves walking around the house playing the song and answering the trivia questions, and my 2 year old just loves to push all the buttons on it!!  

Here are my favorite things about the New LeapReader Reading and Writing system.
  • It works just like the Tag where you can play games in the books and read the books or have the books read to you.
  • It has built in batteries that you just have to plug into a charger on your computer!  {This is probably my favorite feature because it charges fast, and I don't have to hear my kids say "The Batteries are dead again" daily!}
  • You don't need new books for the LeapReader,  most of the ones that they have for the LeapReader will transfer over.
  • It has 3 fun features of Listening to Music, Listening to ebooks (i.e. Magic Tree House and other fun books) and also Trivia!  
  • It has a place to plug in headphones.
  • Has a lot more memory space
  • The "Magic" paper that actually draws on the paper (mess free) and helps them learn to write it correctly while listening to instructions.  

Here is a little comparison between the Leap Reader and Tag

There is a great video showing a little more about it here or here.  This would make a great present for any child between the ages of 4-8 {or 10 since my daughter also likes it)  It is a great tool to help them learn to read and write but have a lot of fun at the same time!

{LeapFrog sent me this product free of charge for review, but these opinions are mine and mine alone}

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